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Advancing the markets through strategic innovation.

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R&D at Franklin

We do more than sell adhesives; we aim to be the most trusted adhesion company in the world. We efficiently tackle technical challenges and enhance quality, safety, and manufacturing efficiency.

Our commitment to cutting-edge, eco-friendly adhesive technology drives significant resources into research and development, turning innovations into practical applications.

Our Approach to Polymer Science

The Franklin research and development groups collaborate to develop and manufacture base polymers and formulated products in our 55,000 sq. ft. on-site facility at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio,.

At our labs, we bring ingenuity forth into reality.  Advances in adhesive technology are converted into practical applications and tailored solutions for our customers.

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Long-Term Research

With eyes to the future, our research and development team is always working toward advancing our products and meeting the needs of an evolving industry and world.

Our team of highly qualified researchers and chemists are continually evaluating and discovering new technologies that will improve usability, durability and sustainability. This group focuses solely on medium- to long-term solutions that would significantly impact the industry.

Because our research, development and manufacturing capabilities are centrally located, we are able to develop and commercialize innovative solutions quickly and e­ffectively, while staying connected to real-world needs.

Product Development

We produce the most comprehensive product lines in the adhesives and polymers industry. New products are field tested and brought to market at Franklin’s state-of-the-art R&D laboratories.

Our core competency – emulsion polymerization – is integrated into a broad array of products, which are produced in our eight distinct U.S. manufacturing operations. This vertical integration allows us to bring new products to market faster, in a way that’s cost-competitive.

Our most recent upgrades to our product development lab allow us to perform extensive real-world environment testing, providing customer confidence that our products will perform in even the most challenging and drastic weather conditions.

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Technical Support

We’re proud to maintain the most recognized and respected technical support team within our industry.

Their knowledge, accessibility and a solution-driven focus are the building blocks for helping customers achieve their highest level of success.

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A History of Excellence

Since the Franklin Glue Company opened its doors in 1935 with the first ready-to-use liquid hide glue, our organization has remained at the forefront of bringing innovative, yet practical, solutions to the adhesives market.

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We opened our doors as The Franklin Glue Company, launching the first ready-to-use liquid hide glue used primarily for furniture manufacturing. This unique formula required no heating or mixing, and could be applied at room temperature, unlike traditional adhesives. It streamlined the gluing process and revolutionized the capabilities of wood to wood bonding.


The Franklin Glue Company developed the first water-based, aliphatic resin glue, another proprietary formula that would change the woodworking landscape forever. From this development, the Titebond® brand was born and quickly became the preferred choice of wood furniture manufacturers and woodworking professionals alike.


On Chestnut Street in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio, Franklin’s first polymer was developed by our industry renowned and beloved chemist, P.T. Brown. It was in this location that our Polymers Production Facility, specifically our Duracet® product line, began manufacturing innovative base polymers. This core competency is an important part of our vertical integration and remains a competitive advantage today.


To accommodate our significant sales growth of these innovative products, The Franklin Glue Company relocated just south of the city to 2020 Bruck Street. It is at this location where we would continue to expand our product development, production and packaging capabilities, and where our corporate headquarters still reside today.


During this time, we developed proprietary, pressure-sensitive adhesive technology specifically for tapes, labels and various types of graphic applications. In an effort to support new business opportunities, we once again expanded our facilities with the construction of a new production plant, with a focus on manufacturing wood glues, adhesives and sealants.


We entered the wood flooring market with revolutionary, solvent-based wood flooring adhesives, with a focus on Franklin 711. This formula provided superior adhesion and easy installation, allowing it to quickly become the industry standard in glue down wood flooring. Additionally, this formula was the preferred choice of several wood flooring manufacturers as their own private label wood flooring adhesive.


Franklin International developed the first construction adhesive to pass the APA’s AFG-01 (ASTM D 3498) performance standard for subfloor installations. AFG-01 requires that adhesives applied at the jobsite be strong, durable, resistant to extreme weather, and able to permanently fill material gaps. Franklin continues to be very heavily involved with APA in furthering the testing, quality and performance of construction adhesives.


Franklin developed and was first-to-market with a one-part wood glue that passed the ANSI/HPVA Type II specification for water-resistance. This launched our Titebond® II Premium Wood Glue to the retail market and inspired the Multibond® 2000 series of Industrial wood glues. We also launched a series of two-part Advantage® glues, providing additional performance for specific wood manufacturing applications.


A Franklin-developed pressure-sensitive adhesive underpinned the national rollout of self-adhesive postage stamps, which eliminated the need for being moistened before applying. Additional pressure-sensitive formulas were also developed for microwave popcorn bags and glass bottle labels, both of which are challenging applications due to heat and moisture requirements.


Franklin became the dominant manufacturer of FRP (Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic) panel adhesives, and was the #1 recommended choice of adhesive by the largest FRP manufacturers in the industry. Our formula offered superior bond strength, was easy to use and provided a safer alternative to traditional adhesives. It continues to be one of our highest selling, and most important products in our Titebond line.


Franklin developed the first one-part wood glue to pass the more stringent ANSI/HPVA Type I specification for water resistance. Titebond® III Ultimate Wood Glue was born, and this waterproof formula created a new category of exterior woodworking. Not only is this formula rated #1 by professional woodworkers, it is also Franklin’s #1 selling wood glue.


Franklin launched the first, water-based construction adhesive program designed for virtually any construction, remodeling, and repair project. Utilizing internal polymer development and proprietary manufacturing processes, we were able to produce high-performance, yet safer alternatives to the traditional solvent-based programs.


Franklin marketed the first sealant specifically designed to provide superior adhesion, maximum flexibility and long-term durability for metal roofs and materials. This innovative sealant was launched in support of expanding market needs and industry requirements, and today is one of our top-selling sealant formulas.


A new manufacturing facility in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, expanded Franklin’s caulk and sealant capabilities to support the increased demand of water based formulations. Our team members offer years of high-level expertise and the plant provides flexibility and streamlined operations, all of which has been a significant asset to Franklin.